About Us

Who We Are

The Leadership Edge

At any given moment, at ports, terminals and distribution centers around the world, there is a Capacity Truck taking command of the job.

For nearly 40 years, we have earned the reputation for being a leader in design and durability because of our relentless pursuit to keep pushing the cargo industry forward. And while our name is synonymous with powerful terminal trucks, it's our high level of customized design and expertise that truly sets us apart.

The Capacity Difference

Whether you're pulling cargo or hauling a commercial airliner, one thing is for certain – no two jobs are ever alike. And nobody understands this more than we do.

Since 1971, we've talked to our customers, listened to their needs and delivered beyond their expectations. We learned that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all truck. And unlike some of our competitors, we take additional steps to avoid those cookie cutter solutions.

That's the beauty of working with Capacity. We customize every truck to the job it's going to perform. From the cab interior, to the fifth wheel, to the paint color, we tailor every inch of our trucks to fit your exact needs. And that's the Capacity difference.

Why Choose Capacity

Take one look at a Capacity Truck and you'll see why we stand out from the competition.

Our high-strength, single piece structural steel frame is designed to meet your most challenging moves. Our ground-breaking DURA RIDE® suspension system is the talk of the industry – engineered to provide comfort and safety to the operator while reducing stress and maintenance cost to the truck.

We believe a terminal truck is only as good as its comfort, price and durability. That's why our trucks, manufactured in an ISO 9001 registered quality system, continue to be the most durable terminal trucks in the industry.

We operate in all 50 states and many foreign countries in addition to supplying a number of government agencies, including GSA, AAFES, DOD and the Postal Service.